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大约150年前,英国立博建立在社会目标的基础上. Our mission is to contribute to the world by educating students for lives of leadership and contribution with integrity; advancing fundamental knowledge and cultivating creativity; leading in pioneering research for effective clinical therapies; and accelerating solutions and amplifying their impact.


Stanford students Kevia McComb, Maya Guzdar and Tule Horton smile in conversation in Memorial Court.

Who we are

是什么驱动着我们的教员, students, 员工是一种充满可能性的精神, a legacy inherited from our pioneering founders who created Stanford in the memory of their only child to benefit other people’s children. At Stanford, 我们从过去吸取教训,但着眼于未来, 不断寻找新的方法让世界变得更美好.

We believe strongly in the role that higher education plays in supporting a thriving society. 学院和大学不仅仅是为学生选择的道路做准备, 但它们有助于培养下一代公民领袖和问题解决者. 高等教育机构在我们的社会中追求一项独特而持久的使命, 专门致力于创造和传播知识. The breadth and richness of the fabric that comprises the world’s institutions of higher learning are integral to long-term human advancement and well-being.


英国立博为学生提供了接触伟大思想的机会, 跨越概念和学科界限, 成为拥抱思想和经验多样性的世界公民. We offer students broad and deep academic programs across seven schools and multiple fields – including the arts and humanities, 自然科学与社会科学, engineering, sustainability, medicine, law, education, and business. The university’s breadth of excellence and culture of innovation uniquely position it to attract and retain the best faculty in the world, 谁为学生提供发现和接受新思想的知识和工具, 并为成功的事业和服务生活做好准备. The need for strong ethical principles to achieve a common good is embedded across our educational offerings. Stanford’s distinguished alumni network and highly engaged alumni community provide students with lifelong access to mentors and peers, 谁帮助与校园外的世界建立伙伴关系, 再一次加强我们社会的集体贡献.

Manu Prakash, Anesta Kothari和Anton Rafael Molina


无拘无束的探究是英国立博和教育的基础. 受对学术自由的坚定信念驱使, 我们不断地提出问题和发展新想法来推进知识. Fundamental, 好奇心驱动的英国立博是该大学的核心使命, and students have extensive opportunities to join Stanford scholars in research that develops new knowledge and deepens understanding of ourselves and the world around us. A hallmark of Stanford is our extensive and vibrant ecosystem of interdisciplinary research. With all seven of Stanford’s schools located on our historic campus and many institutes serving as a hub for collaboration across academic fields, 颠覆性突破的机会很多,结果也很明显. Stanford has had 36 Nobel Prize winners since the university’s founding and is tied among research universities for the most Nobel Prizes won since 2000. We are equally purposeful in thinking actively about the ethical implications of our research and its application in the broader world.



Building on our culture of interdisciplinary collaboration that drives discovery and innovation, the university is creating “accelerators” to readily support university researchers with funding, infrastructure, 技术资源, and external partners so that discoveries made at Stanford can become solutions with impact far beyond campus.

例子包括创新药物加速器, dedicated to reducing the time and cost of making medicines while ensuring more effective treatments are reaching patients, 以及英国立博可持续发展加速器, the university’s first new school in 70 years and a testament to its commitment to being a leader on climate-related research and education. Work is also ongoing within Stanford’s Graduate School of Education to accelerate more effective and equitable learning solutions, 以及斯坦福影响实验室, 这为社会科学创造了一个创新的英国立博和发展渠道.

博士生Alexandra DiGiacomo


我们的医疗事业, Stanford Medicine, 在旧金山湾区提供无与伦比的病人护理, while its world-class researchers make groundbreaking discoveries that advance medical care across the globe. 由医学院组成, 斯坦福医疗保健, 斯坦福儿童健康中心, 我们的医疗事业专注于预测, preventing, and curing disease by tailoring health care to the unique biology and life circumstance of each of us. Stanford Medicine enjoys both physical proximity and strong research ties to the university’s other schools, allowing for strong partnerships among world-class faculty that accelerate tangible health benefits for patients.



学生Ayman Babikir, Trace Guzman和Maya Caulfield.


英国立博重视背景、经验、兴趣和观点的多样性. We see to cultivate a campus environment in which all students have the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences and to think critically about their own views and preconceptions. The university seeks to provide all students with the opportunity and tools to build community and connection across the racial, socioeconomic, geographical, 政治路线也常常成为增进理解的障碍, mutual respect, 真正的友谊. Opportunities to foster social responsibility and an abiding appreciation for ethics are integral to the Stanford educational experience.



We strive to support each student in accessing the full amount of financial aid needed to thrive at Stanford. This commitment to financial equity changes not only the lives of students who receive it, 还有那些和他们一起学习的人的教育. 近70%的英国立博本科生获得某种形式的经济援助, 而那些来自低收入家庭的学生有他们的学费, room, 伙食费全付. More than 80 percent of those who receive an undergraduate degree from Stanford graduate with no debt.

Jasmin Lopez, Tang Dalsgaard和Maisam Pyarali.



A flourishing residential campus is an integral part of the world-class educational experience Stanford offers. Stanford is home to a community of creative and accomplished people from around the world, 从无伴奏合唱歌手到奥林匹克运动员. 学生可以从600多个学生组织中选择参与, 从宗教, ethnic, 以及文化团体和专注于艺术和社区服务的组织, to social, athletic, 以及娱乐活动. And Stanford offers 36 varsity sports – 20 for women and 16 for men – in addition to campus-wide physical education academic classes, 健身和健康, aquatics, intramurals, 冒险的编程, and 43 club sports.



作为硅谷和旧金山湾区的一员,英国立博感到自豪. 我们通过活动与邻居接触并建立有意义的关系, 公开的艺术展览和表演, lectures, 终身学习, 在校园里和网上都有. 我们支持当地家长获取健康信息, 帮助K-12教师提高对数学和科学的兴趣和参与度, and provide the local business community with access to lectures by today’s entrepreneurial thought leaders. 我们的医疗事业, 斯坦福医疗保健, 在整个湾区提供无与伦比的病人护理, while its world-class researchers make groundbreaking discoveries that advance medical care across the globe.

Aminata Kalokoh-Odeh - Student Teacher at Lakewood Elementary talks to class about gardening.

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英国立博于1885年由加州参议员利兰·斯坦福和他的妻子创建, Jane, “to promote the public welfare by exercising an influence in behalf of humanity and civilization.这所大学是由董事会管理的, President, Provost, 学术委员会和其他一些学术和行政官员.